The month of November is a great day for Boholanos as Tzu Chi Bohol once again initiates Rice Relief to various municipalities around the province. The rice relief started at municipality of Batuan on November 3, 2016 and proceeded by municipalities of Corella, Loboc, Sagbayan, Tubigon, Catigbian and Loon.

In every rice relief, Tzu Chi Bohol required every beneficiary to attend the sharing program. This is to inform all the participants of Tzu Chi Bohol’s accomplishments and services they have rendered to those people who are in need. Many participants expressed their gratitude to Tzu Chi.

“With all the help and great love that Tzu Chi Foundation has shown to the people of Bohol, I feel very lucky because I am given the chance to help others and to spread goodness to my fellow Boholanos,” said Vilma Torres from Nueva Vida, Loon

Bohol-based volunteers Joven Uy and Kent Francis Kintanar discussed to the beneficiaries the 4 Missions of Bohol in Charity, Medicine, Education and Culture. The participants also actively participated during the singing of “Isang Pamilya” with its corresponding sign language.

The participants also adopted Tzu Chi’s coin banks as they willingly donated whatever amount they have. They have long since learned to drop coins on their coin banks since Tzu Chi Foundation has started to build affinity with them.

“Because of Tzu Chi, I have learned to be thrifty. I also taught my children to drop some coins to our coin banks every day. Through this, Tzu Chi not only ease the pain of those suffering, but also transformed lives through accumulation of great love from the people”,said Esmeraldo Albarado from Cantomocad, Loon.

“When I saw the vastness of Tzu Chi Bohol’s efforts in extending help to the Boholanos, I was very inspired to continuously donate not only my money but also my efforts in every Tzu Chi’s activities”, he added.

After the sharing program, the rice distribution began. The beneficiaries were beaming upon receiving the 20 kilo sack of Taiwan rice from Tzu Chi Foundation. Many also willingly volunteered to carry the sacks of rice for the Senior Citizens and pregnant women.

“This 20-kilo sack of rice is really a great help for my family”, said Carlosa Alisaca from Catagbacan.

“It would compensate, not only for my family’s everyday meal, but also to each and every one of us who receives this”, she added.

In every activity, Tzu Chi Bohol also encouraged the Tzu Chi scholars to assist and participate. The foundation’s aim for them to become responsible citizens in the future would surely be realized by letting them observe the realities of life.

“As a Tzu Chi scholar, I am so overwhelmed with the response of the beneficiaries in this rice relief efforts of Tzu Chi Foundation”, said Adonis Escartin, a Tzu Chi scholar studying in University of Bohol.

“Because of this activity, I am able to meet people in different walks of life with different attitudes, characteristics and with different sentiments. Because of Tzu Chi, I have learned to deal with such people and I knew the mechanisms in handling them. This 20 kilo sack of Taiwan rice is very important for these people and I am so fulfilled because I have extended my help in any way I can”, he added.

As of this writing, Tzu Chi Bohol continues to deliver sacks of Taiwan rice to various municipalities in efforts to aid every Boholano families. Truly, the path of goodness and great love is shown through this series of Rice Distribution. The said Rice Relief is expected to last for the whole month of November until December.