Based on Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s resolve that pain is the source of all suffering, Tzu Chi Foundation has been very active in initiating free clinics to poor patients.

True to this belief, Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol Operations Office once again carry out the foundation’s Mission of Medicine through its Hernia Medical Mission. Held at Ramiro Community Hospital on October 29, 2016, the said mission not only ends the suffering of 14 patients, but also instilled hope in their lives.

Early morning of November 29, 2016, a team of surgeons from Cebu Doctor’s Hospital arrived. The medical team is composed of surgeons Dr. George Celso Ang, Dr. Kris Daniel Parilla, Dr. Maribel Du, Dr. Davy Brian Chua and Dr. Bernard Lumapas, anesthesiologists Dr. Jumy Malmis and Dr. John Martin Tang, and 1 nurse Virginia Jinky Gingoyon.

Ten children were admitted ahead of time get themselves ready for the operation, while the 4 adults were admitted early morning on the day of the medical mission. Children were the first in line to be operated.

Danica Shine Babanto, a 6 month old baby is the youngest patient of the said medical mission. She was born prematurely. Her mother, Ma. Dulce Babanto sought for help in Tzu Chi Foundation in hopes of ending her baby’s suffering.

“I was very worried for my baby. After giving birth, I observed an abnormal bulge in her abdomen. She is constantly crying and had a hard time discharging her waste,” she said.

Because of the family’s limited income, they can’t possibly find any means to have Danica Shine be operated.

“Words are not enough for me to express my gratitude to Tzu Chi Foundation. At last, my baby can finally live a normal life”, she added.

Vince Marios Amarillo, 3 years old from Candijay Bohol is also one of the beneficiaries during Tzu Chi’s Medical Mission. When he was still 8 months old, he was diagnosed to have hernia. After undergoing ultrasound, his parents were advised to have their child be operated.

“As a mother, it really hurts to see my child suffering from the pain caused by hernia,” Marice, the child’s mother said.

“I am so happy that my child is one of the lucky beneficiaries in Tzu Chi’s free clinic. I am so touched with the way the Tzu Chi volunteers and surgeons handled my child”, she said.

The surgical mission ran from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm. Each surgery lasted for 45 minutes to a full hour.

The day after the operation, the medical team did their rounds for the newly-operated patients. They inspected their wounds and made some advices and reminders on how to recover fast.

The patients and their parents and relatives were also oriented about Tzu Chi Foundation. They were told on how Tzu Chi Foundation started and how the founder, Master Cheng Yen, surpassed all the odds in establishing a Charity organization.

Inspired by the coin bank era, the patients and their loved-ones vowed to dedicate themselves in helping others by volunteering in Tzu Chi Foundation and through giving whatever amount of money they have.

Tzu Chi Bohol’s Hernia Medical Mission tells a story of how great love transforms lives and hearts.