Hoping to spread wholesome teachings in Bohol, Tzu Chi brought its Jing Si Aphorisms Kiddie Books Project to the island province.

On December 6, four members of Tzu Chi Teachers’ Association from Malaysia conducted a Jing Si Aphorisms Teaching Methodology Seminar at the Bohol Cultural Center in Tagbilaran City. A total of 304 teachers and principals from different elementary schools of Bohol’s Congressional District 1 attended the workshop.

The seminar aimed to share ways on how Bohol’s educators can integrate the Jing Si Aphorisms, or Tzu Chi founder Master Cheng Yen’s words of wisdom, in their daily class lectures.

The superintendent of the Department of Education (DepED) in Region 7 expressed support in the project. “I encourage the teachers to please take good care of the Jing Si books given by Tzu Chi Foundation because it will be a great help not only for your students but also for the next generation of students you will be handling,” said Superintendent Wilfreda Bongalos.

Maricel Miro, the principal of Loon South Central School, was eager to apply the methods she had learned on this day in her future class lessons.

For Principal Ma. Rosanna Dablo of Maribojoc Elementary School, the lesson on the important role of teachers in nurturing the citizens of tomorrow is what she will bring with her.

“What strikes me most during the activity was the video clip about a boy with Tourette Syndrome and how the school principal helped the child overcome his sickness. I encourage my co-teachers to apply to the classes what is being taught from today’s activity and we will apply that to our children as well,” she said.

“Of all the seminars that I have attended, this is one of the best,” said Teacher Cenen Salinas of Maribojoc Elementary School. “It encourages us to love our students and to care for them. For me, this is a wake-up call for teachers to be compassionate and kind to our students.”

Story highlights:

  • On December 6, four members of Tzu Chi Teachers’ Association from Malaysia conducted a seminar on Jing Si Aphorism teaching methodologies to teachers and principals of elementary schools from the first district of Bohol. The seminar is attended by 304 teachers and principals.
  • The participants of the seminar were moved by the workshop and assured that they will adopt the Jing Si Aphorisms in their lessons.