On December 8, Tzu Chi held the second day of its Jing Si Aphorisms Teaching Methodology seminar to the principals and teachers of 684 schools.

Four volunteer teachers from Malaysia led the symposium.

Malaysian teacher Yap Siao Hui talked about the Teachers Association of Tzu Chi. This is an organization of caring and benevolent teachers which aims to bring Tzu Chi’s humanistic spirit into the teaching profession and purify the students’ learning environment in order to reach a harmonious society.

During the symposium, a clip from the movie “Front of the Class” was shown, tugging at the heartstrings of the participants. The film is about a boy with Tourette syndrome and how his teacher’s patience and love helped the boy gain his self-confidence, eventually inspiring him to become successful in life.

“It is an eye-opening experience because it teaches me the good values that a teacher should possess to earn the respect of his students,” Fulgencio Ingente, a Grade 4 teacher from Bon Bon Elementary School, shared after watching the movie.

Afterwards, Teacher Wong introduced the Jing Si Aphorisms Kiddie Books. These books are illustrated versions of Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si aphorisms or wise words.

Teacher Wong Shiau Choong shared the different techniques that the teachers can use in integrating the Jing Si Aphorisms in their class lectures. These methods include: initiating games, singing, dancing, movie time, and storytelling.

Grade 4 Teacher Ruben Moraga from Hambabauran Elementary School expressed his interest in applying these methodologies in his next lessons. “It is very important that these Jing Si Aphorisms be taught to the children so that they will be guided to be better persons.”

Teacher Maria Virtudaso of Mabuhay Elementary School agreed. “These Jing Si books will also serve as guide for the students to grow up as responsible citizens and to lead meaningful lives,” she said.

After attending the symposium, teachers from different schools started incorporating the Jing Si Aphorisms in their classes. It gained the positive response of the pupils who also loved the colorful illustrated books.

“I’ve learned about good deeds and respecting elders and that we should always be good in and outside of our homes,” said Gian Cyrus Lastimodo, a Grade 4 student of Inabanga South Central Elementary School. “We should respect our parents and grandparents and also the people around us. Even if we do not know them, we should always respect everyone.”

The teachers also laud the practical values that can be gained from the Jing Si Aphorisms Kiddie Books.

The guidance counselor of Inabanga South Central Elementary School, Aurea Estillore, had only words of gratitude for Tzu Chi.

“With these books that you have distributed, we can show our pupils how much we love and value them. We hope that they would apply the Jing Si Aphorisms that we teach them every day into their lives, and may it be useful in their every day life,” Estillore said.