Newsflash: A decade of suffering cataract and a year of having no vision, 70-year-old Olimpio Clemen was blessed with an opportunity.

On July 11, Tzu Chi conducted a turn over ceremony to Olimpio the new and safe constructed house. Happiness draws in his face as he cuts the ribbon of his new home.

Olimpio live in a small three square-meter nipa hut and no one to take care despite his physical condition is worrisome. But for him life never stopped there. His faith in God gave him hope to continue living.

Last 2017, Tzu Chi Foundation conducted its annual eye surgical mission in Bohol, Olimpio was listed as one of the patients to be catered of. Unfortunately, Olimpio was advised not to pursue with the operation because of high blood pressure and was told to take some rest.

Months later, Olimpio finally underwent successful operation at Bohol Medical Care Institute under the care of local TIMA ophthalmologist Dr. Oliver Yu on October 19, 2017.

“I couldn’t say anything but thank you for the opportunity. Now I can see people who are behind this blessing that I received. Thank you so much Master Cheng Yen,” a teary-eyed Olimpio stated.

Tzu Chi Foundation not just help him gain his vision but alleviate his life condition through offering a helping hand in constructing a new home.


Tzu Chi provided the materials needed for the construction. Looking how Tzu Chi volunteers and scholars plant seeds of love and compassion through helping hand in hand in building a home that will greatly help a person in need. Tzu Chi was grateful for the support given by the local government of Panglao for the mobilization of the building materials.

The construction began last June 17, 2018.

Efforts from the kindhearted people involved in the construction. The home was successfully built. This gift of love doesn’t limits with the house, as he also received a Jing Si foldable bed, blankets, sleeping mats, kitchen utensils and 20 kilo-sack of Taiwan rice.

“You have been a blessing to me. Actually, you have helped me too much and this is an early birthday gift. I couldn’t give you anything since I have nothing but only to thank you for everything. I hope that you will continue to help less fortunate people,” Olimpio stated.

“This home gives me new hope to start a new life, thank you for giving me this hope.” He added.

There will be no more sleepless nights for him. Happiness and warm smiles spread in his face as he thanks Tzu Chi for the blessings received.