Newsflash: Guided with the theme “cooperation and kindness” Tzu Chi Bohol organized its first team building for the scholars to strengthen the ties for the common purpose of becoming the hope of tomorrow.

Tzu Chi Bohol conducts their first team building which gathered the scholars’ interest to interact with others. Wearing white t-shirts over 141 scholars gathered in the ground field of Sikatuna Tree Park.

Held on January 21 at Sikatuna Tree Park, Bohol where 141 scholars gathered and happily joined the activity. Divided into 12 groups, participants happily took part the interesting activity prepared for them.

These team building aim to expose and address the interpersonal barriers within the group. It brings the scholars together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork towards a common goal.

To come up with the ideas, Tzu Chi volunteers, staff and Tzu Chi scholars’ officers help together in making the concept from the venue up to facilitating the outdoor activity. Bernadine Mercedes one of the organizers shared her experienced to be part the of the very first team building. “This activity promotes the scholars flexibility, patience and trust. Their cooperation gave them the sense of responsibility to succeed while having fun” Bernadine stated.

Despite of the busy schedule in school almost all the scholars were able to make time for the activity.

Within a day, scholars’ patience, teamwork, trust and sportsmanship, cooperation and strategy was challenge in every station. With the help of the facilitator in every station scholars were guided.

In Tzu Chi, one thing that inspires people is how they show discipline and educate the people to help the poor and believe that youth is the hope of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, competing with the other team, scholars were able to acquire the sense of responsibility while improving their interpersonal relationship to their co-scholars. Through this, they slowly improve their way of dealings towards to strangers.

Exaltacion Niña Marie Felize Pague, former coordinator of scholars was grateful for seeing the youth that grown enough in the right path. “I was glad to see the youth trust one another, it was heartwarming that scholars’ learnings were applied that made the activity successful,” Pague happily stated.

“I hope that each of them continue their life carrying the life lessons of Dharma,” she added.

By applying Jing Si Aphorisms into actual practice youth were able to change and influence a positive way of life to others.

Scholar expressed the learnings and reflects the experience they had during the activity.

Seeing the hardship of life and Tzu Chi’s efforts to help the poor, a second batch scholar Allen Mae Lebita was thankful of all the life lessons that she learned as she become part of the Tzu Chi family.

“This activity helps us to be more hardworking, independent and to be more firm of our decision. This activity taught us that no race, status, and color considered in helping people. We must be thankful that Tzu Chi has never ending compassion in helping us poor,” Allen stated.

From the facilitator to the scholars, the success of the activity was all about the cooperation and kindness that shown by each others.

Capture moment is evidence that scholars’ shows how the organization had change them not only by mind but also by heart. That kindness is an irreplaceable deed one can give to another that moved ones heart.

Story Highlights:

  • Tzu Chi Bohol teambuilding gathered 141 scholars at Sikatuna Tree Park, Sikatuna early as 7 o’clock in the morning.
  • The teambuilding promotes patience, trust, teamwork and flexibility to all the circumstances that scholars will take. The activity builds a strong foundation between the scholars.