Newsflash: Since Hualien, Taiwan was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on February 6, Tzu Chi Bohol awakens each Boholano students’ kindness by conducting a donation drive in Saint Vincent Institute in Maribojoc and Infant King Academy in Cortes, Bohol.

On February 16, 2018, Tzu Chi Bohol has been simultaneously conducting donation drive around Tagbilaran City Malls to continuously pour the love and compassion of Boholanos.

However, sharing the same purpose but different pool of people; Tzu Chi Bohol conducted donation drive to students benefitted the Classroom of Love Project in Saint Vincent Institute in Maribojoc and Infant King Academy in Cortes.

The activity is to awaken the spirit of kindness in every student’s hearts with any amount of money they have for the quake victims in Hualien, Taiwan.

60 year old, Saint Vincent Institute principal Maria Beatrice Besa is glad Tzu Chi has come and let their school given the chance to help.

“I want my students to be continuously generous with other people, so I am happy Tzu Chi came here. The activity is the medium students can do good deeds for the people who needed help,” she said.

At 8 AM, students are gathered in an open area of Saint Vincent Institute. Together, everyone prays for a peaceful and harmonious world to be spared from disasters.

Tzu Chi volunteer Niña Pague explains the purpose of the activity. Showing also a video presentation of the situation when Hualien, Taiwan was struck by the earthquake.

Holding donation boxes with a saying “Lift Taiwan with Love”, volunteers alongside with the school teachers and the school principal, they bow and say thank you for each students dropping their coins in the box.

While some students have stayed in a classroom making their projects, volunteers comb the school by visiting each classroom. Bright smiles and their willingness to support Tzu Chi Bohol’s donation drive are evident in the student’s faces as they take a break from their tasks to drop coins in the box from their recess money.

Tzu Chi solicited with the amount of P2, 527.10 from the kind hearted students and teachers of Saint Vincent Institute.

Infant King Academy is the second school Tzu Chi Bohol visited for the donation drive.

A total of 832 students from different levels gathered in Cortes Gym near the school to support the donation drive of Tzu Chi.

Infant King Academy uses 90% of classrooms from Tzu Chi Bohol Classroom Project when Bohol was once struck a massive earthquake way back in 2013.

“We are deeply thankful of the blessing our school receives after the earthquake, we thank Tzu Chi by supporting this activity,” Zoe Chui said, Officer in-charge of Infant King Academy.

“I am happy that my students willingly supported the donation drive. I hope that with little amount they give, it will reach to Hualien with love,” she ended.

The school gathered P3, 947.00 of teacher’s and student’s goodness.

The donation drive for the two schools collected P6, 475.10.