Newsflash: Addressing the dental problems of children, Tzu Chi Foundation paves their way to Bayacabac Elementary School giving free dental services to children identified having dental problems.

Tzu Chi foundation in partnership with Department of health and coordination of Department of Education join hands in addressing the tooth problems especially to children within the vicinity of Bohol province.

Bayacabac Elementary school considered a number of their children who are not just underweight but also having problems concerning their tooth conditions.

“In three years of running the school, this is the first time that children of Bayacabac elementary school was able to avail of these dental services. Maybe due to lack of facilities and lack of time due to number of schools need to be visited”. Sansan stated.

Aida Sansan, school principal share her thoughts for the said mission.

“I am very thankful to Tzu chi foundation. They did not only address the problem of malnutrition but also the tooth problem of the children were most of them were first time to meet a dentist”. Sansan added.

Dr. Maria Paz Cecilia D. Fuentenegra, one of the DepEd doctors who gave her expertise to provide the exact service that every child should have.

“To children, tooth decay is cause of sugary, sticky foods and beverages they eat without good dental hygeine. Dr.  Fuentenegra explained.

Tooth decay is heavily influenced by lifestyle, what we eat and how well we take care of our teeth. The more sugar consumed, the more acid, which gets produced leading to decay.

“It was a successful activity. The mission actually caters not only the children but also the community within the barangay who cannot afford to visit a dentist, which is good”. Dr. Fuentenegra added.

A total of 140 children availed of the dental services; – filling, cleaning and extraction services.

9-year-old, Princess May Escaberte, was able to avail of the service. Her parents are a plain housewife and a motorcycle driver. With the minimum income her family earned, it was difficult for her parents to pay a visit to a dentist.

“It is supposed to be my second time to avail a free dental service unfortunately, during my first time I collapsed”. Princess recalled.

I am thankful to Tzu Chi foundation that you have given relieve to the decaying tooth not only mine but to all the students in our school”. She stated with a smile.

Nowadays, tooth decay is a serious case of left untreated. A decaying tooth will be a passage of bacteria that will result to bacterial infection. In some cases, it will be a pocket of pus that’s caused by bacterial infection which can lead to more serious or even life-threatening infections.