Master Cheng Yen once said, “Giving others blessings is creating blessings for oneself.” No matter what our social status is—rich or poor; everyone has a capability to give. It may be in a form of material help, spiritual uplift, emotional growth or in a form of quality service. When we give, we are also leaving a mark not only in other people’s life, but also in our hearts.


This statement became one of Tzu Chi’s principles up until this moment. Thus, as we continue to embody the meaning of Tzu Chi Foundation “A Vow put into Action,” a Post Operation Check-Up on the 4th Eye Mission in Bohol was held at Ramiro Community Hospital, Tagbilaran City, Bohol on July 7, 2019.


All of the team took part of the event with joy in giving their sincere service for those who are in need. The medical team is composed of four (4) TIMA (Tzu Chi International Medical Association) doctors from Manila, one (1) local TIMA doctor, seven (7) TIMA nurses from Manila and sixteen (16) local volunteers from Bohol.

As early as six o’clock in the morning, the 182 beneficiaries travelled all the way from the different parts of the province and flocked together in the venue with big smiles carved in their lips. True happiness can be seen in their faces as they enjoy their selves in the clear vision they had received after the 4th Eye Surgical Mission.


“I thank the Lord for Tzu Chi became an answered prayer. Tzu Chi helped the poor people like me who can’t afford to have my eyes be operated in an expensive hospital. Tzu Chi brought back the light in my life.” Timoteo Buwal exclaimed with glee.


While patiently waiting for their turn, some of the recipients expressed their gratefulness to Tzu Chi Foundation as they stood with boldness in front, inspiring the crowd with their inspiring testimonies. One of these people was Esmeralda Maurisio, who even brought the coin bank with her during the Post operation Check-up.


“I feel extremely happy because my eyesight is clear. I can now do great things for my family. In return, I brought my coin bank with me so I can also be help Tzu Chi Foundation in lending a hand to more people with the same situation like me.” She said with a youthful smile.


“A seed sown in the ground when nurtured mindfully would reap bountiful harvest.” This is one Master Cheng Yen’s sayings which also mirrors the event being conducted. Just like Esmeralda, the patients who received help from Tzu Chi Foundation brought their coin bank with them, aiming to give back the help they had received to those who are in need. These happy patients poured down what’s inside their coin bank in a halved bamboo.

Tzu Chi Foundation had planted seeds of goodness in the fertile hearts of these patients. And now that these seeds had bloomed beautifully—it bore fruits of goodness as well, ready to be harvested and to be shared to others who are also in need of help.


Among all the 182 patients, there’s a man who stood out among the rest; not only because of his skin color, but also because of his story. He is Richard Walder, a British citizen who is now living at Corilla, Bohol with his wife. In Bohol, he is actually the first ever American citizen who was given aid by Tzu Chi Foundation.


Many of us Filipinos perceive all foreigners as rich citizens when migrated to the Philippines not knowing the real story beyond what we thought they are to be. Truth to be told, Richard Walder is actually receiving 5,000.00 as his monthly pension which is not enough for his eyes to be operated in a private hospital.


“I am happy to be told about Tzu Chi Foundation. My eyes are now finally working!” He said cheerfully.


This shows the teaching of Master Cheng Yen, “The truth is that all human beings, no matter their race or religion, are in essence equal.” We should, as possible, lend a hand to those who are in need, regardless of their race and religion.


Behind the success of the Post Operation Check Up were these dedicated health practitioners who gave their time and effort wholeheartedly in making sure that the patients are on its way to full recovery.


“It’s not really about the reason why we help, but it’s because of the fact that many are in need of our help. I need Tzu Chi Foundation as a partner for Charity cases. As a doctor, it is my advocacy to lessen the Cataract cases in Bohol.” TIMA Dr. Jose Oliver Yu said sincerely.

The Post Operation Check-up became an inspiring activity that has inspired not only the Boholanos, but also the whole world’s race. The giving of sincere help to these patients—regardless of their religion and race has been returned to those who deserves it. Thus, great love is like the ocean’s waves—going back and forth to where it came from. As for these 182 patients, since the gift of eyesight has been given to them, they are now aiming to share the seed of goodness to others.


Verily, “Only by giving all one has can the satisfaction of a job well done be gained.”