“When you open a book, you open a new world.” Books are considered as the door towards the land of knowledge. Therefore, these doors were given of great importance, as it has the power to influence one’s thoughts, personality, beliefs and behavior. Books do not only impart the knowledge which a child needs, but it also provides deep wisdom as well.

This idea inspired Tzu Chi Bohol Foundation, in partnership with Rotary Club of Cebu, to give these 1,536 reference books including story books for children and 1,782 Academic books in Geometry, Everyday Mathematics, Algebra 2, PreCalculus in Mathematics subject and Chemistry and Biology for Science subject, to the different remote public schools in the province.

On September 6, 2019, after the preparation of the books, teachers from different public schools in Bohol flocked together in Tzu Chi Bohol Office to select some reference books and story books that are appropriate to the grade level they are handling.

September 9, 2019 was the start of the school-to-school delivery. The first batch were the public schools in the town of Maribojoc, Bohol. A total of 88 textbooks and 19 reference books were delivered at Saint Vincent Institute; 59 textbooks and 24 reference books delivered at Busao National High School; 24 reference books and 10 Mathematics textbooks were given to Pagnitoan Elementary School and finally, 65 textbooks and 26 reference books were given to Pagnitoan National High School.

The town of Loon was the recipient of the second batch delivery of books on September 10, 2019. 10 textbooks and 25 reference books were delivered at Cogon Norte Elementary School; 10 textbooks and 36 reference books at Tubodacu Elementary School and lastly, 10 textbooks and 32 reference books were given to Campatud Elementary School.

Pre-School and Elementary teachers, as well as the children from those remote public schools were very happy and excited upon seeing the books given for them.

Junevir Cabrera, a principal of Napo Elementary School believes that these 10 textbooks and 29 reference books that were given to them will be of a great help to their students even if technology arises nowadays.

“We are very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for giving these books which are very useful to our children. (Also) Aside from the fact that we are in the digital age, it’s still good for the learners to have tangible reading materials which will be useful to the school as a reference material, in addition to the other textbooks here in our school. Thank you once again.” The principal said sincerely.

Mocpoc Elementary School received 10 textbooks and 29 reference books. Rufina G. Acla, LPT, a preschool teacher of Mocpoc, claimed that the reference books will help the preschool students to unlock their imaginations. The children even sang “Love and Care” to express their sincere thanks to Tzu Chi Foundation and Rotary Club of Cebu.

“These books bring a great impact and happiness to the children since (these books) are filled with colors. Aside from that, they’ll be so happy seeing bright colors and identify them. The children will love these books since they love stories. Thank you so much Tzu Chi Foundation.” She said happily.

Third batch of books were delivered on September 12, 2019. Catigbian National High School also received 66 textbooks and 20 reference books, while Clemente Borja Memorial National High School of Sagbayan Bohol received 88 textbooks and 20 reference books.

There are also 22 reference books and 54 textbooks given to Loon South National High School; 21 reference books and 54 textbooks were delivered at Sandingan National High School and 76 textbooks and 21 reference books given to Gov. Jacinto Borja National High School.

“In behalf of Gov. Jacinto Borja National High School, I am deeply touched to receive these books in our library as general references of our students because these books will open another door of learning for the students in this school.” Mario L. Garcia, the principal of Gov. Jacinto Borja National High School said.

According to him, they are still developing a new room for their library and these books will serve as a great step. Since their library was used as a temporary classroom, they used the lobby as their library so that students can have access to the books for reference.

“Particularly, our school is still developing its library. Since we have increasing number of students, we do not have room for specific space for the library. As of this time, we are in the lobby where the students can use the books, particularly these books from Tzu Chi.” He narrated.

“These books are considered seeds of learning. These seeds of learning will grow and will help our students to become successful community members in the near future.” The principal narrated.

Sir Mario also mentioned the importance of books in their school, considering that there is no internet connection and has limited signal in their remote area.

“But due to our location, we have limited signal. So, what we need is the hard copy of books.” He added

“So that’s why, I’m very thankful that other opportunities are given by Tzu Chi Foundation, to the credit also to the donor, the rotary Club of Cebu who has found time to sponsor these kinds of books which can touch the lives of our students.” Sir Mario expressed his gratefulness sincerely.

The students who are the recipients of these books were very thankful for the source of information given to them. At least, updated facts will be learned which will make them smarter and more creative.

“For me, these books will help the students to answer their assignments and to give us some definitions (of the unfamiliar terms). If we cannot understand the discussion of our teacher, we can study the books which will give us some easy examples that will help us to understand the lessons even more and for us to learn” said Frillie Ann S. Serana, a high school student.

In this simple act of kindness, great love was being shown. As for the teachers and students who received these books, the door of knowledge and wisdom will be unlocked along with their bright future.