Tzu Chi Foundation continues to spread the good seeds of love in the field of education. As a matter of fact, with the partnership of Rotary Club of Cebu, reference books and textbooks were given not only in the remote places of Bohol, but also in the remote island of the province.

On September 20, 2019, Tzu Chi Bohol reached out to the island of Cabilao Loon for the free distribution of books in the elementary and high school public schools. It was remembered that Tzu Chi’s first ever island dental mission together with the partnership of Philippine Coast Guard was held on this place on July 26, 2019, and had catered 113 children and 70 adults.

Students in all levels were waving the different flags along with the band music as they welcome Tzu Chi scholars and Tzu Chi volunteers warmly. Knowing how remote the island is, teachers were very happy and excited upon seeing the books which will be of a great help to the students in the said area.

Miguela R. Rada, a property custodian of Cabilao Central Elementary School is one of those teachers who were very thankful for the books that will be given.

“I am really thankful (for these books). As a property custodian of this school, I’ll tell my co-teachers to use these books with care as it is a great help for the studies of our children. Thank you very much to Tzu Chi Foundation, especially to Master Cheng Yen.” She said happily.

Sabino L. Vallecer, a school head of Cabilao National High school was a former principal and a coordinator of Tzu Chi Foundation at Bantulinao National High School and is now assigned to Cabilao National High School.

As a school head, he had seen the importance of the reference books and textbooks to the high school students of the island. These books will be very useful especially to the Grade 11 and Grade 12 students, in order to enhance their research skills.

“Good day, I am Sabino Vallecer from Bantulinao National High School. I am the coordinator when Tzu Chi Foundation came to Bantulinao National High School. I am now assigned here at Cabilao National High School as a school head.” He narrated.

“We have received books today which will be very helpful to the island of Cabilao. Because of this, our Grade 11 and Grade 12 students can have their references, especially in their research subject which was given importance by DepEd. These (books) can surely give a big help to their studies. Thank you so much also to Rotary Club and Tzu Chi Foundation.” He added.

The elementary and high school students of the island were very excited to use the books. Marthea Antonia Moricha is a diligent high school student who expressed her sincere gratitude for the books her school had received.

“I am Marthea Antonia Moricha from Cabilao National High School. These books were very important for us, as it helps a lot in our studies. Thank you so much Rotary Club and Tzu Chi Foundation for these books.”

Teachers were given coin banks in order for them to share what they have to others. Room-to-room visitation was also made to give some newsletter and introduce Tzu Chi Foundation to the students, who also donated to the coin bank wholeheartedly.

An ambiance of a generous heart highlighted the event. Surely, as time goes by, the seed of great love will grow along with the newly-consumed knowledge found in the books that were given—in the hearts of the teachers and the students of Cabilao Island.