Tzu Chi Bohol Foundation has conducted a Donation Drive for Mindanao Earthquake Survivors. On November 9 and 10, 2019—Tzu Chi Bohol volunteers went to the various malls in the province of Bohol with their smiles as they encourage the shoppers to share what they have to the survivors of Mindanao Earthquake.

Men and women, young and old—regardless of their profession, everyone donated any amount with a joyful heart.

“I am Feliciana Tenibro and I’m so happy to donate what I have for Mindanao.” The old woman in her 50’s narrated.

“I am Jhasel. I am very happy to give a small amount to help the Mindanao survivors who are ill.” The 7-year-old girl said.

Herardo Monterola, a tricycle driver of Altoda in Alturas Tricycle Drivers Operator Organization, also gave his donation even if he’s struggling financially. For him, there is no excuse if you really wanted to help.

“I am Herardo Monterola, I am a member of Altoda at Alturas Tricycle Drivers Operator Organization, and it feels so good in my heart to give this small amount of donation to the people of Mindanao despite of us, struggling financially.” He said sincerely.

Tzu Chi volunteers also expanded its donation drive to the Provincial Office of Bohol. The public servants gave their full support in the activity, as they donated wholeheartedly.

Paulito H. Rebuya, Head of Provincial Procurement Management Unit in the Province of Bohol claimed that he also wanted to give back the help that the Boholanos received when an earthquake also happened on the year 2013. According to him, it is not easy to start again after the earthquake.

“Bohol experienced earthquake in 2013 and it’s not easy to survive and start again after the quake, that’s why the Boholanos can also feel what is happening in Mindanao. It’s not easy to be an earthquake victim. There’s no food, water, no light at night. Having no house to sleep is also adding to the burden. It also feels uncomfortable to sleep in a temporary shelter.” He explained.

“This also affects to the health of the people, that’s why in my own little way, in this ample amount, at least I contributed something in helping those earthquake victims because they deserve the treatment. We also need to help them considering that their situation right now is not easy.” He added.

Not only the Provincial Office of Bohol extended their hand in giving, but also the different schools in Loon, Bohol. High school, elementary and pre-school students were all smiles in being one of the donors for the Mindanao Survivors.

“We are very happy to give and help.” The elementary students exclaimed proudly.

The Donation Drive became a way to show how powerful love is, as it has the power to unite the people in times of distress. The donation gathered will be sent to the Mindanao survivors for them to start again.