Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol held its Chinese New Year Blessing Celebration and Prayer Vigil on February 9, 2020 at Shang Palace, CPG North Avenue, Taloto District, Tagbilaran City. The event was participated by the Tzu Chi volunteers, TIMA doctors, Tzu Chi Youth, the patient beneficiaries, and the scholars as well. Everyone had flocked together in a single day to give thanks for the blessings that had come in the year 2019 and for the blessings that are about to come; also, to pray for the

To officially start the ceremony, Tzu Chi volunteer Brother Jack Gaisano had welcomed everyone in the event. He also stated the purpose of the event being conducted.

“Instead of celebrating year end blessings, we used this opportunity to pray for our brothers and sisters at China, hoping that the NCOV [Novel Corona Virus] will be gone immediately” He explained to everyone.

The participants were also able to know how Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol had continued its commitment of spreading the good seeds of love during the 2019 Year End review. The patients who were given aid by Tzu Chi Foundation had also expressed their gratefulness through sharing.

Francis Gam, a 35-year old man had expressed his happiness for the successful operation being done. It was remembered that he was rushed to Ramiro Hospital in Tagbilaran due to vehicle accident on February 26, 2018 and had undergone surgical operation immediately.

However, Francis was advised for another surgical procedure as soon as possible because the fractured bone in his feet had died and were not yet healed. Hence, the doctor advised that his feet must be cut.

This was a heartbreaking moment for Francis yet he never lose hope, especially when Tzu Chi Foundation had helped him in his condition; brought him to the best doctor who did everything just to save his feet.

Right now, Francis is still recovering from everything. He was given crutches by the foundation, handed by Bro James Chua during the prayer vigil.

“I am Francis Gam, 35 years old from Lila, Bohol. I am one of the people who were given help by Tzu Chi Foundation. I was brought to Manila and had undergone surgical operation. I am too much thankful because they helped me for everything that I need to heal from the accident. My feet are recovering now and Tzu Chi had given me crutches for further assistance. I am really thankful for what they have given me. I will never forget this moment for a lifetime.” Francis said sincerely.

Tzu Chi Youth had also expressed their thanks to the foundation. They also had shared their experiences and pieces of learning to the people; encouraging them to follow the Dharma of Master Cheng Yen. Also, they had presented Water Repentance as a symbol of repenting from wrongdoings.

Adonis R. Escartin, a fifth year Civil Engineering student of University of Bohol had also shared it experiences as well. According to him, as a scholar, there is a huge significance of this event and he wants to continue and embody what he had learned even if he’s about to reach his dreams.

“The significant of year end blessing as a scholar is, it will give us more aspect in our life that can be an application which will be applied as a scholar. We need to walk in the Dharma path or Bodhisattva path as we apply the teaching of Master Cheng Yen.” He narrated.

“So as graduating soon I can be a role model wear the spirit and the light of Tzu Chi Foundation will shine and I will always wear the teachings of TCF and it could be part of my life.” He added.

To secure the health of the Boholano, Tzu Chi Foundation had given 2,000 masks to the government with a prayer of preventing the nCoV [Novel Corona Virus] to spread all throughout the province.

Dr. Yul Lopez, spoke person of technical working group of nCoV, has received the masks from Tzu Chi. According to him, he is very grateful ever because Tzu Chi also helped them, hand in hand, in nCoV prevention.

“As we are protecting the province of Bohol we are very happy that Tzu Chi Foundation has given share as always beginning with the earthquake in Bohol the various challenges to our children to our poor patients, Tzu Chi Foundation is always there to help us.” He said.

“We deeply appreciate the gesture of Tzu Chi for having giving us the initial the set of 2000 facemask. Indeed it will go along with protecting our people , we will give this to our health workers who are guarding our ports and seaports , the people who are showing the symptoms of Corona virus so that they cannot spread the disease anymore.” He added.

“Face mask are very important because we know the mode of transmission of the disease is by way of the droplets that can be transferred by one sick person to another healthy person by inhaling the droplets and causing respiratory infection. Once again in behalf of the provincial government of Bohol and the people of Bohol we deeply thank and most sincerely thank Tzu Chi Foundation for once again showing the way and showing its compassion and loving kindness to the world.” He concluded.

The participants also received “Angpao” which symbolizes continual blessings to their lives and a reminder to always spread the good seeds of love and follow the Dharma in walking the Bodhisattva path.

The participants, along with the volunteers, have given a moment of silence to pray together for the people’s peace of mind, for the world’s peace, stable health and for the nCoV virus to be gone instantly.

The event ended well with a freedom wall wherein the commitment of everyone in the event of being a vegetarian and a Dharma follower, were posted in the board.

The Chinese New Year Blessing Celebration and Prayer Vigil became a way for everyone to be reminded of Master Cheng Yen’s teachings and their commitment to walk in the Bodhisattva path. This also became a binding way for everyone to pray for each other and for the world.