Day by day, the number of infected persons of CoViD-19 are increasing. This is a serious situation that no one has a power to control and to prevent it from spreading.

With that reason, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Bohol Provincial Board) had declared the province under community quarantine starting from March 16 to April 12, 2020. Because of this, lot of people cannot go to work and even some, lose their jobs.

As a response, Tzu Chi Foundation take an action to give aid and to help fight this pandemic crisis.

Tzu Chi Foundation went to candle vendors, to tricycle drivers of Manga District and to the different orphanages namely Sunshine Homes, Trinity Angels, Bohol Crisis Intervention Center, Shepherd’s Arms, Societas Divinae Charitatis, and to the seminary in Taloto District to give the vegetables that had been donated by Mr. Bruce Weng.

“I donated to Tzu Chi Foundation because for what I had seen this foundation is always the first to lend help every time there is a disaster anywhere in the world. These vegetables are good in boosting our immune system for us to have a good health.” Mr. Weng said.

“I am very happy and thankful that I had given the opportunity to help and hopefully, we can surpass this crisis.” Mr. Weng gratefully added.

Boholanos were very happy and grateful for the vegetables that they have received. One of which is a 44-year old Rosalie Sol, who is a candle vendor.

“I am very glad to receive this vegetables because I really can’t buy especially now, we don’t have income. Thank you so much Tzu Chi Foundation. It such a big help to subsidize our food and for us to have a good health”. Nanay Rose gratefully said.

Brother Dexter Tiempo from Shepherds Arms also expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the vegetables that they have received.

“On behalf of Shepherd’s Arms orphanage, I am very thankful to our God Almighty for sending us Tzu Chi Foundation that serve as an instrument to help us most especially in this crisis. It would be a great way in boosting the immune system of the orphans, to make their body protected from this virus. Thank you so much Tzu Chi Foundation and may the Lord give you a tenfold blessings.” He gladly said.

Ms. Julieta Gallon of Societas Divinae Charitatis also expressed their gratitude to Tzu Chi Foundation.

“Thank you so much Tzu Chi Foundation for these vegetables. It will really upheave their immune system. On behalf of the ‘home of the blind’, thank you for your big help.” She said.

This giving of vegetables to Boholanos is one way of promoting vegetarianism and taking into action what Dharma Master Cheng Yen always said in her talks.  She encourages and reminds us always to go vegetarian. As she said, “Vegetarian diet is one way of fighting against diseases. Not just fighting all the diseases but also, we are minimizing the killing of animals and protecting our Mother Earth. It helps our body to be healthy.

Let us fight and overcome this pandemic together by doing our part: stay at home and follow what the government wants us to do, wash our hands frequently, and be mindful always.