Regardless of the crisis arising around the world which results to suffering of all, local Tzu Chi volunteers deeply pray and show gratitude on the three-in-one event.

Life impermanence and value of life was emphasized throughout the celebration of the Buddha’s birthday, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day on May 10. Keeping enough distance from each other, 40 individuals gathered at Tzu Chi Jing Si Hall in Tagbilaran City, Bohol to be part of the meaningful ceremony.

Simple yet solemn ritual was held to offer a prayer for the safety of people, healing of the sick and to diminish this pandemic. TIMA Dr. Myra Lim Melisimo expressed her gratitude of attending one of the momentous events of Tzu Chi Foundation.

“I am very thankful that I was able to attend this celebration also as a way of renewing my commitment to the organization to be of service with compassion to our patient. I would like to congratulate and continue to pray that the foundation will continue to share love and care to people”, Dr. Melisimo stated.

The program also highlighted that one of the remedy of this crisis is for everyone to go vegetarianism and do good deeds to others. Tzu Chi volunteer, Joven Uy, inspired all the participants to go vegetarianism through sharing thoughts from his experiences.

“Life is not something that always the same every day, Master always tell us of the impermanence that we face in our lifetime. We have to adapt and see around us. Life is something that we must treasure this is why master always keep reminding us to be a vegetarian because it affects so many people of what we are doing in our life”, Joven said.

Despite of the chaos caused by this pandemic, Buddha bathing was made possible with caution to avoid contact from each person keeping the safety of all participants. Scholars and staff also gave sincere appreciations to their parents by washing their feet and offer flowers to show love and respect.

A mother of a Tzu Chi scholar and medical beneficiary, Bebiana Escatron expressed her thoughts about the event.

“As I attended this ceremony, I was touched as my son washes my feet. Seeing my son do that I felt glad in spite of the sacrifices I made since his arm was burnt. I am happy at the same time as I attended this ceremony for at home, my children usually greeted me as usual and make nothing like this”, Bebiana expressed.

Buddha day will not be celebrated this year with a mass gathering due to physical distancing concern but Tzu Chi volunteers across the world made their best to celebrate this spiritual cultivation in their respective home. Doing so, Buddha is the great awakened one who guides us in the direction towards wisdom.