Inspired by the teachings of Dharma, Tzu Chi volunteers continue the cycle of goodness to mankind. Thus, in the middle of chaos happening around the world Tzu Chi Bohol continue to share grains of love and spread goodness despite of the danger that the pandemic had brought to the country. In response to COVID-19, Tzu Chi remains to conduct rice relief operation in different areas of Bohol.

Despite the threat of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 continue to rise in the province; Tzu Chi pushed through to help families in need especially those in the island. With the help of the social workers of Department of Social Workers and Development Office (DSWDO) in each municipality, Tzu Chi volunteers were able to identify vulnerable families. One was Marcela Luyga who live in Cangmundo, Getafe, Bohol.

“I am a resident of Cangmundo, Getafe, Bohol. I am very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for the sack of rice they gave to us”, Marcela stated.

“Living in poverty where I own nothing, receiving a sack of rice is a big help to us poor. This is actually my first time experience to receive a card that will allow me to claim a sack of rice. Thank you so much Tzu Chi”, she added.

At this time of crisis, due to some restrictions island residents who used to work as fishermen and in a passenger’s boat were left with no means of income to support the family and could hardly visit the mainland. With this, Tzu Chi volunteers visit the islands to distribute the sacks of rice to most in need families.  Dario Romo who is a handicap living in Pandanon Island, Getafe is grateful for receiving aid.

“I am one of the boat men in the island who give safe ride of the residents here going to the mainland. I am very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for the rice relief they share here in Pandanon island”, he said.

The 25-kilo sacks of rice had reached 726 families in both island and mainland residents in different barangays in the municipality of Bien Unido and Getafe, Bohol. Willian Diaz who works as a crew in an inter-island passenger’s pump boat in the island to support his family had been out of work since the beginning of the quarantine and now struggling to support his family.

“I am grateful for the aid that Tzu Chi Foundation had shared to us here in the island, this is a big help to us. Once again, I am very thankful to the foundation”, he stated.

This dedication of Tzu Chi volunteers to help the less privilege communities had also inspired rice recipients to do good deeds despite of the tight budget of the family. Hence, rice recipients also do the cycle of love by donating to Tzu Chi.

Indeed, the unwavering support of the donors the grains of love had reached the island residents who are less fortunate and in need of helped. Touching the lives of people by helping the poor and nurturing ones heart to help one another may not cure the disease but this will be instruments that connect one another which show that no one is alone in this fight.