The Corona Virus 2019 pandemic does not only affect human life wherein thousands of people were killed but also affecting the world’s economy. In the Philippines, using every possible resources to answer the needs of the society while battling against the pandemic is slowly affecting the country’s economy.

In the island province of Bohol wherein accepting OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) and LSI’s (Locally Stranded Individuals) continue and confirmed cases increases, Tzu Chi wish to help the frontliners who serves the people despite of the risk that the pandemic had brought to human life. Following the government protocols in accepting all Filipino returnees in the province, teams of frontline workers who are responsible of the returnees arrival had been doing their best to keep the safety not just the people inside the province but also the returnees. These situation calls the attention for the needs of PPE.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tristan Jener Q. Eradiano Station Commander of Bohol expressed his gratitude for the PPE received. According to Lieutenant Eradiano, the equipment will be use by the personnel during the conduct of Maritime security patrol at the same time during boarding procedures of the OFW’s and LSI’s.

“We are all aware that this virus is very dangerous to everyone’s health. For us who first to meet the OFW’s and LSI’s this equipment is very important. This will be used to protect all the coastguard personnel during the time of their duty. In behave of the coast guard personnel of station Bohol, I am very thankful of receiving these PPE for additional protection of our personnel”. Lieutenant Eradiano added.

Receiving requests for assistance of PPE, Tzu Chi volunteers assessed the situation in which they learn that there is a need of personal protective equipment to meet the demand of the current situation not just only in hospitals and healthcare institutions but also to the frontliners who the first to meet the “Balikbayan and Balik-Probinsiya individuals”.

These are the Coast Guards Personnel who inspect the correct number of the OFW’s and LSI’s being transported and conduct security patrol during the boarding procedures, Bureau of Quarantine Personnel who are the first to meet the OFW’s and LSI’s during the arrival, Maritime Police who accompanies the returnees in the boat from the place they depart to the port of destination and the Bureau of Fire Personnel who disinfection all the kinds of transportation that the OFW’s and LSI’s used including their belongings, are just some of the frontliners who received PPE’s from Tzu Chi.

Fire Chief Inspector Raul G. Bustaliño, also send her gratitude to Master Cheng Yen for receiving boxes of PPE’s that is very helpful for their frontline workers who conduct the disinfection. ‘We are very grateful that we received donation of boxes of PPE’s intended for our Bureau of Fire Protection frontline workers here in Bohol. We would like to thank Tzu Chi Foundation led by Dharma master Cheng Yen for her generosity for providing these PPE’s. This is a big help especially now that Balik Probinsiya Program of our National Government in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Bohol in the repatriation of our OFW’s and the locally stranded individuals are still going on”, Fire Chief Inspector Bustaliño stated.

At Maritime Police Station, Police Staff Sergeant-Emigrino B. Achacoso also expressed his appreciation to the Foundation. “We are very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for providing us PPE’s. I would like to thank Tzu Chi’s founder Master Cheng Yen for this equipment you gave which is a big help to our frontline workers, once again thank you”, PSSg. Achacoso stated.

Tzu Chi’s mission to help protect our frontliners in the province of Bohol from possibly acquiring COVID-19 continues as the volunteers carry on the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment. These frontline workers who face danger in their everyday work are risking their life to keep the safety of all, on the other hand, we, must also protect them from danger.

We should remember what Master Cheng Yen always said that helping others with the spirit of great love and accepting help with gratitude are both powerful forces in humanity, thus, the less suffering people there will be.