Nilo Auditor Jr is the eight-year old child of Nilo Sr., a “habal-habal” driver, and Meriam, the housewife. The family is residing at Guindulman, Bohol. His family was peacefully making both ends meet until life served a great trial in the plate that gave a big impact in Nilo’s family.


“I am Meriam Auditor, 47 years old, a housewife living at Guinduman, Bohol. My husband is a “habal-habal” driver.”


According to Nilo’s mother, it was on July 19, 2020 when Nilo was rushed to the hospital immediately after the fire burner accidentally fell on him. He was not given a proper dressing for his third-degree burn, and was only prescribed to take anti-biotic to cure his burn from his back to his leg.


“My son got his burns after steaming some banana together with his brothers and sisters, he helped them by serving our food. To go down from the hearth, he stood on top of the coconut grater. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and he fell down with the pot filled with hot water.” His mother narrated.

Seeing his son crying and screaming in pain weakens her heart. But instead of showing weakness, she made herself strong with prayers for her child.


“As a mother, I cannot bare to see what happened to my child. It’s painful. No mother wants to see her child suffering from this kind of accident, but I was left nothing to do, but to pray for my child’s safety.” She emotionally expressed.


On July 20, 2020—Nilo was referred to Gov. Celestino Memorial Hospital. Seeing how badly the burn affects the child’s body, Dr. Oppus advised him to undergo grafting surgery.


The family is indigent, and the combined income of his father as a “habal-habal” driver, with his step son as a laborer can only suffice their daily needs. The financial crisis cannot support the family’s need for Nilo’s surgery. With their state, Dr. Oppus recommended them to ask any assistance from Tzu Chi Foundation.


“Dr. Glenn Oppus was the one who told us to ask assistance from Tzu Chi Foundation for the operation of my son. Because we have nothing, we took the chance as we know that Tzu Chi Foundation has a soft heart for the less privileged like us” Meriam narrated.


Tzu Chi Foundation responded love amidst the pandemic. Nilo underwent Skin Grafting on August 12, 2020 with Vacuum Assisted Closure Device (Large Set), of which a skin was removed from one area of the body and transplanting it to the burned part as it had lost its skin’s protective covering. He’ll have his check-up on September 11, 2020.


Nilo with his family is extremely thankful for the assistance they got from Tzu Chi Foundation.


“I’m truly thankful for Tzu Chi Foundation for reaching out on us for the operation of my son since we have nothing to pay for it. Heavens know how grateful my heart is especially to Master Cheng Yen for being the instrument of God to help the less privileged like me.” Merriam warmly expressed her thankful.


Nilo is also thankful for helping him be cured from his wounds.


“I am Nilo H. Auditor thankful for Tzu Chi Foundation. Thank you so much.” Nilo said sincerely.


To have an ability to help out of love is a great blessing, as you continue the cycle of love to spread in the hearts of the people. Tzu Chi Foundation was able to help Nilo’s life for a better future.