COVID-19 Pandemic continues to spread around the country, especially in the province of Bohol. As the Provincial Government placed the entire province of Bohol to MGQC, (Modified General Community Quarantine) Boholanos are required to wear facemasks and face shields when going out.

However, due to the pandemic, some Boholanos, especially the vendors, are still struggling to buy these essential needs, as it was remembered that their small business was temporarily closed during the first 6 months of ‘Intensified Community Quarantine from March to August.

Seeing this, Tzu Chi Foundation responded by giving 48 facemasks and 48 face shields to the candle vendors and Badjao Community on August 29, 2020. One of the volunteers distributed this protective gear just in front of Cathedral Church. These face masks and face shields were a great help for the vendors to secure their health’s safety while starting anew. The vendors were very thankful for what they have received.

Since COVID-19 cases in Bohol breached the 200-mark, some of new cases are locals who have no travel history. Meanwhile, the Island of Guindacpan in Talibon and Malingin in Bien Unido has been placed on lockdown due to surge cases in the past week. Bohol now has 8 deaths and 88 active COVID-19 cases.

As the battle against COVID-19 Pandemic continues, Tzu Chi Foundation continuously donated PPEs to every municipality of the province of Bohol which was claimed at Tzu Chi Bohol Office. Dr. Denim Maghanoy from Rural Health Unit (RHU) Talibon was very grateful for the PPEs given to them.

“Hello, Good Afternoon, I am Dr. Denim Maghanoy from RHU Talibon. I am so thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for the supplies we have received. These were really helpful since we’re having a shortage in the PPEs. These are a great help for our medical front-liners team in the COVID facilities.” She said thankfully.

Jeff Boyles, the municipal administrator of Local Government Unit (LGU) Talibon is also extremely happy for the supplies they have received in their area.

“My name is Jeff Boyles, the Municipal Administrator of LGU Talibon. On behalf of our local Executive Mayor Janeth Garcia, I would (like) to extend our heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Tzu Chi Community. It is indeed true that we and the Medical team are having a great problem in the scarcity of the PPEs and other supplies, but this donation have proven so much that helping others (bayanihan) does exist, through these donations from abroad itself. Again, Thank you so much to the staff and the donors of Tzu chi, God will hundredfold bless you in return. These are truly useful for us and we are beyond grateful for reaching out in the Municipality of Talibon. Thank you so much and God bless you!” Jeff said sincerely.

The Municipality of Candijay also received PPEs for their area. Christine Faith Sumira, a Health Officer in the Rural Health Unit (RHU) also expressed how thankful she is to Tzu Chi Foundation.

“I’m Christine Faith Sumira, the Municipal Health Officer in the Rural Health Unit Candijay. In behalf of the Rural Health Unit, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Tzu Chi Foundation for the donation of these PPE’s which were great help to our health workers in Candijay. Again, thank you so much and may God continue to bless Tzu Chi Foundation.” She gratefully expressed.

Maria Victoria Lampas, the Municipal Health Officer of RHU1 Loon also gave their dearest thanks to Tzu Chi Foundation.

“I am Maria Victoria Lamparas, the Municipal Health Officer of RHU1 Loon. I am so happy and feel blessed today despite of the hectic schedule. This is a warm welcome and a very happy event on a busy day since we received these PPEs from Tzu Chi Foundation and knowing that even before during the earthquake in Bohol on 2013, you were really a part of the recovery of the Municipality.”


She is really thankful because these PPEs will be helpful especially now that they are accepting Stranded Individuals.

“I’m really thankful because there are many tasks at hand that are coming since we just started to accept our Stranded Individuals and OFWs, so it is really a challenge every day. We have to be prepared so we have on going two facilities that will serve as a quarantine area for all these stranded individuals. We have to do our job.” She narrated.

She also extended her thanks to Dharma Master Cheng Yen

“Also, I would like to thank Dharma Master Cheng Yen for taking the time through the Foundation to help us in this battle, considering our hard work and extending your help to us. We’re really grateful” She sincerely said.

Tzu Chi Foundation aims to instill the seeds of great love through being the support of both front-liners and every Boholano. Truly these PPEs, Face Masks and Face Shields will help everyone to secure their health as the battle continues against COVID-19 Pandemic.