“Helping others is not only a virtue, it also brings forth great spiritual joy.” Jing Si Aphorism.

The effect of crisis was still felt in the province of Bohol as the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic continue to rise. Some Boholanos were greatly affected and still don’t have work to sustain their living. Because of this, they are having struggles when it comes to providing their family’s daily needs. With that reason, Tzu Chi continues to help those people in need by giving rice and grocery goods to the beneficiaries.

The second cycle for the first program relief distribution started December 5, 2020 as part of its continuing relief efforts amid the pandemic crisis. There were three teams of volunteers travelling each day to distribute these goods to the 3,170 beneficiaries to the different municipalities, selected places and orphanages of Bohol, namely: Booy, Manga, Cabawan, PWD, Dauis, Corella, Sikatuna, Loboc, Sevilla, Tubigon, Sagbayan, Danao, Garcia Hernandez, Duero, Guindulman, Loon, Jagna, Anda, Mabini, Cortes,  Antequera, San Isidro, Balilihan, Catigbian, Pilar, Siera Bullones, Carmen, Dagohoy, Valencia, Loay, Baclayon, Batuan, Bilar, Panglao, Albur, Buenavista, Getafe, Talibon, Bien Unido, Lila, Dimiao, Maribojoc, Calape, San Miguel, Trinidad,

Before the distribution, the staff and volunteers introduced Tzu Chi Foundation to the beneficiaries, as well as explaining the aim behind the Rice and Grocery Distribution. The volunteers also explained the process of claiming the goods to observe and follow safety protocols. The beneficiaries were listening with joy, wearing smile on their faces, and were also inspired to spread the seeds of love to everyone.

The beneficiaries received 20 kilos of rice and groceries namely: soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt, rice noodle, toothpaste, bar and bath soap, and since we are still in the time of pandemic, they also received face mask and face shield. The recipients were truly happy for what they have received.

Natividad Melicor, a Social Welfare Officer at Local Government Unit (LGU) of Dagohoy, Bohol is very thankful for Tzu Chi Foundation in reaching out to the indigent families of their municipality.

“In behalf of our Municipal Mayor, Sofronio Apat, and as an in-charge of Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office of Dagohoy, Bohol. We give a heartfelt thanks to the Tzu Chi Foundation who help and give us much blessing to the beneficiaries who are worthy to receive such goods,” she said.

“We pray and hope that the Lord will always give more blessings to the foundation so that the foundation can help more or the coming days in spite of the pandemic we are suffering today. So, thank you so much!” she added thankfully.

One of the beneficiaries who received reliefs is Roger Anota. He is a PWD (Person With Disability), and a resident from San Miguel, Bohol.

”I am a Polio victim and as an Electronic Electrician, doing home service is my way of living. I am very thankful that Tzu Chi Foundation really helps us especially in this time of pandemic crisis. To Tzu Chi Foundation, thank you so much for helping and giving us this relief, this really mean a lot for us!” He uttered with joy.

Rowena Dileña, is a 42 year-old beneficiary from Gawad Kalinga village in Cabawan, Tagbilaran City.

“I felt so much joy and happiness that Tzu Chi gave us these reliefs for the second time. This is one of our early Christmas gifts. Thank you so much to Tzu Chi foundation especially to Master Chen Yen because of their generosity for helping us who are in need. A lot had been reached out by Tzu Chi especially in today’s pandemic and we are grateful for the assistance that we received. Thank you Tzu Chi Foundation and may God bless you always!” She said.

“I am Gabrielle Bernil, from Taytay, Duero, Bohol. As one of the beneficiaries, I am so grateful to receive these relief goods, this will be a great help for my family as well. I knew this foundation (Tzu Chi Foundation) since they helped my son who suffered from heart illness, they never fail to help us. Thank you so much Tzu Chi Foundation and to their founder Master Cheng Yen! May God bless you a hundred folds!” He stated.

Tzu Chi Foundation, with the help of the Municipal Social Workers, and volunteers, the foundation was able to distribute rice and grocery goods to all beneficiaries. All of them will still be able to receive the same goods on the next schedule of relief distribution.

Rice and Grocery Relief Distribution paved way to see the unity of every Boholanos in times of pandemic. Extreme gratitude was painted in their faces with the act of kindness that Tzu Chi had extended to them. Through this, love and kindness were shown to the people who need it the most, had inspired a lot to do the same thing, and spread the seeds of love to everyone.