Because of the fear from possibly acquiring the virus brought by Covid-19 pandemic as well as the health and travel restrictions to everyone, scholars were given a chance to render their duty hours on their respective barangays and municipalities through Community Service. They are given cash allowances depending on their number of duty hours per month. With this, we just not help our scholars on their duty hours but also to the community whom they extend their help.

Community service is unpaid work performed by each scholar for the benefit and betterment of their community without any form of compensation. Some examples of Community Service conducted by scholars are: multigrain feeding, tutorial, community and coastal clean-up, helping teachers in school related works such as sorting and distributing modules, checking of class activities and other related community services. Scholars should present their Certificate of Appearance with their time rendered, signed by the authorized person, barangay or municipal officials, together with the documentations as a proof of their community appearance.

During their humanity class on February 27 and 28 at Tzu Chi Bohol Activity Hall, selected scholars made a presentation and reports what they have made during their community service.

One of the scholars who did community service is Laila Sarte from BISU main Campus taking up the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Cosmetology.

“With regards to our duty hours we are not allowed to come in office for our duty, with that we are task to do a community service, and I rendered my duty during neighborhood tutorials, church gatherings, and coastal clean-up so that we are able to help our mother nature and to our community”. She happily uttered.

“I am Jomarie Orilla, second year student from BISU main campus taking up Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, I rendered my duty in our barangay hall and in our health center. I helped our barangay hall by assisting the documents and also helped the health workers, for example by monitoring the blood pressure of our residents and monitoring the weights and heights of the children so that we can know who is the malnourished and need help”. Jomarie proudly said.

Jay Marie Asoy, a scholar from Calape also shared her experience while conducting her community service.

 “My community service is beneficial in our barangay. I was able to teach a child and it was very a great pleasure for me to help the child and such a heartwarming when they say “Thank you ate for teaching me”, said Jay Marie.

“Another thing that I did in the community is by giving the multigrain to my younger brother which is 10 years old, it is really helpful for him because he is an underweight, the multigrain helps him by gaining weight little by little. Indeed the community service able to help other people in our community in this time of pandemic”. She added.

Tzu Ching Chorilee Pabe, a third year student from BISU main campus, taking up Bachelor of Science in Office Administration proudly shared what he did on her community service.

“What I did in the month of February, I rendered my duty hours through community service in our barangay hall. What I did there was cleaning inside and outside the surroundings in our barangay hall and printing barangay documents”, Chorilee proudly said.

She also did the multigrain feeding to the malnourished children by instructing them first the procedure on how to take the multigrain and feed them.  After a month, she gets their information to compare if there is an improvement on the child’s weight and height.

Through community service, students gain real-world experience and practice important habits like leadership, problem-solving, and time-management. Volunteering offers scholars the opportunity to apply their learning to practical scenarios that have real implications.