After more than month from the wrath of Typhoon Odette, Tzu Chi Foundation is still inspired to show compassion, and love to the victims. One of the greatest challenge to consider is how to get the daily necessity of water for drinking.

Tzu Chi Foundation-Bohol  has lent generator sets to the mostly affected areas of 1st, 2nd and 3rd districts. With the use of the electric generators, it supply power to the water pumps for the residents’ daily use with the capacity of 7.5 kilovolt-ampere (kVa). These were lent to Barangay Fatima in Cortes, Barangay Oy, Loboc, LGU of Batuan, Diocese of Talibon, Barangay Matabao in Tubigon and for the 15 kilovolt-ampere (kVa) were lent to LGU of Buenavista, LGU of Carlos P. Carcia, LGU of Tubigon, LGU of Inabanga, LGU of Candijay, and Barangay Canangkaan in Corella.

Domingo Apaap, beneficiary from Asinan, Buenavista, 44 years old and a construction worker was very grateful in the resumption of water supply.

“It’s a big help for us in the town of Buenavista because we will not anymore find a hard time fetching water. Now, we have the water supply that we need especially the rest of the barangays in Buenavista. Thank you, Tzu Chi Foundation for letting us borrow your generators. Thank you so much.” Apaap, as he showed relief from his face.

“I would like to extend my biggest thanks and appreciation to Tzu Chi Foundation especially to the founder Master Cheng Yen and the Bohol operations officer Bro. Joven for lending us 15 (kVa) gen set for water work system in Buenavista which help a lot in answering the problem on the water needs of our people. So, we are thankful for the genset we were able to resume the supply of the barangay water system. Again, Thank you Tzu Chi foundation.” – Mayor Dave Duallo, LGU of Buenavista

A woman we met as we arrived in Canangkaan, Corella Multi-Purpose Hall named Maricar Ligones with her daughter for a feeding program are just few of all the beneficiaries from the barangay. The smile her face and warm welcome in their home shows how big the impact of providing the generator to their lives.

“We are very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for letting us borrow their generator, this is a big help for us especially right after the typhoon, we never got water supply. Through your generator, we will not have a hard time anymore fetching water from the stream. The water is clean and is operated every day for our daily use.” To Master Cheng Yen, thank you for your kindness.” – Maricar Ligones

One the of the municipality that sought help to Tzu Chi Foundation is Cortes. As Barangay Captain Paulino Risustas approached us, he stated that one of their generator that is owned by the barangay is inoperable and couldn’t make use of. But now with the generator provided by Tzu Chi Foundation, all their worries had come to an end.

“I am Paulino Risusta, Barangay Captain of Fatima, Cortes. In behalf of Barangay Fatima, I would like to extend my gratitude to Tzu Chi Foundation for letting our Local Government of Cortes borrow the generator set for the pumping station. It’s been a concern for us our water supply and through this generator set, we can already have our water needs through the help of Tzu Chi Foundation.” –Barangay Captain Paulino Risusta of Fatima, Cortes

Loboc, one of the most affected areas and was flooded by the overflowing of the river after the typhoon resulting to heavy damages to its agricultural properties. They were one of the recipient of a generator set from Tzu Chi. As an aid to lessen the struggle to find daily supply of water especially in the remote areas, their concerns had already been resolved.

“First, I would like to thank Tzu Chi Foundation for letting us borrow generator that allows the supply of water to every household. A total of 200 household were able to benefit out from it. Thank you Master Cheng Yen for hearing out our concerns. This made us feel better after what the typhoon had brought to us especially our water system is interrupted. Thank you, Tzu Chi Foundation.” – Barangay Captain Marcelo Oracion of Loboc quoted as he humbly showed the reservoir of water from Barangay Oy which flows directly to every household.

As we have spoke to the Municipal Disaster and Risk Reduction Office representative, the usage of the generators is rotational, therefore all the barangays within the municipality took benefit granted by schedule in which a certain barangay is using it for 3 days.

A total of 11 generators were successfully operating up to this moment to help the residents fulfill their needs in acquiring water.

The outcome of the typhoon left people desperate in seeking help from public to private organization as they stood tall despite of the hard situation they are facing. It is indeed a true compassion, generosity and love from Tzu Chi Foundation that reveals on the smile on the people’s faces even without a word.