As Boholanos experienced the devastating super typhoon Odette, next thing that will be put into instinct by all of the beneficiary is how to rebuild their shelters and regain their normal life. On the other hand, Tzu Chi Foundation – Bohol provided galvanized iron sheets (G.I. Sheets) and umbrella nails as a main component in covering up the roof of some houses that were badly damaged in some parts of 2nd and 3rd districts to start a new life.

On February 19, 2022, as we arrived in Inabanga, there were already volunteers and some regular residents who were ready to help upon distribution of the G.I. Sheets at the Inabanga Gymnasium.

A man we met named Naro Mejias, was grateful upon receiving G.I. sheets assistance because it’s a very big help for them to be comfortable especially in of the bad weather. He stated that because of the help of Tzu Chi Foundation – Bohol it contribute a lot despite of poverty and tragedy.

Morning of February 21, 2022, on the second day of distribution in Getafe, as we were observing manifestation of deep gratitude from the beneficiaries, Corazon Seri, 56, whose husband suffered from colostomy, a resident from Banacun, Getafe approached us in deep tears as she stated her grief towards the result of the typhoon and at the same time never got back their livelihood after.

“Thank you so much Tzu Chi Foundation, as of now we are currently living in a small tent but because of the G.I. sheets you provided, we can now repair our house and sleep tightly. Thank you so much Master Cheng Yen, may you have more blessings and more people to serve. Thank you so much Master.” Seri stated emotionally.

“I am Luzviminda Añora, 40 years old, our house tore up because of typhoon Odette. I am very thankful I was able to receive G.I. sheets and now we can repair our roof. Thank you so much especially to Tzu Chi Foundation.” Says Añora, Bien Unido beneficiary.

In the last day of the distribution held at Pitogo Island in Carlos P. Garcia, minimal number of families are present in the venue. All were done smoothly with the cooperation of Bro. Joven Uy, Tzu Chi Bohol volunteers, scholars and staff, Philippine Police and LGU personnel.

George Abad, living with his wife, is having a hard time on where start again. However, when Tzu Chi Bohol – Foundation sent love several times they realized that they are not forsaken.

“I am thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation. It’s a big help because as you can see in our situation, the remains of our house serves as multipurpose area where we sleep and where we eat. Thank you so much Tzu Chi Foundation and to Master Cheng Yen.” Abad stated together with his wife beside him.

Tzu Chi Foundation allocated more or less 30, 000 G.I. sheets and had already dispersed to the most affected barangays in the province of Bohol mainly Inabanga, Bien Unido, Pitogo Island of Carlos P. Garcia, Ubay, Tubigon, and Getafe. All were operated with safety health precautions and protocols to keep the distribution going and avoid accidents.