In the aftermath of the super Typhoon Odette that tumble-down the lives of the Boholanos, Tzu Chi Foundation is one of the people’s gleams of hope as it responded to those who are destitute. Tzu Chi have seen how Boholanos strive the hardest as they can just to survive the terrifying nightmare and how they could start their lives anew. After the devastation, Tzu Chi showed love by giving people basic necessities. Aside from that, there were recipients who received cash aid, and roofing materials to rebuild their homes. Tzu Chi made their best way to reach out the Odette victims and expressed their sincerity, love, and made them feel that they are never alone in this battle. Volunteers perceived how people were very happy and even seen tears falling that represents how grateful they were for such blessing and compassion they felt during this trying time. Of course, this would be impossible without the help of the people behind the Tzu Chi Foundation and Dharma Master Cheng Yen.

Even the year 2021 has caused saddened and distressed by most of the people, but sill they never fail to recall and give thanks for the blessings received and how Tzu Chi changes their lives. Indeed, Tzu Chi would be the best organization to thanked for.

On March 6 and 7, 2022, Tzu Chi Foundation held its Chinese New Year Blessing Ceremony and Thanksgiving Event to Tubigon and Inabanga. Recipients from said towns were gathered together to reflect on the blessings received amidst difficulties. The event was participated by Tzu Chi volunteers, beneficiaries, staff and youths. Everyone gathered together to celebrate the biggest event of the year and hoping for a fortunate blessing to come.

In the event, Brother Joven Uy welcomed everyone in the event and stated the purpose of the program.

“Thanksgiving are celebrated for us to ask blessing from Dharma Master Cheng Yen especially for the next coming years, that it will be harmonious and peaceful. It is a great time for us to give thanks that we survived from wrath of typhoon Odette.” stated Uy.

Participants were able to know how the Tzu Chi Foundation continue to spread the seeds of love. Many were moved, inspired, and encouraged to help people who are less privileged.

Mayor William R. Jao of the Municipality of Tubigon was very grateful for the generosity of the Tzu Chi Foundation.

“I was truly overwhelmed for the help of Tzu Chi Foundation. It is beyond my expectation. I was expecting that they will only give a few kilos of rice to the beneficiaries of Tubigon. The cash assistance greatly helps the recepients. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol and Master Cheng Yen for the compassion and relief to the Municipality of Tubigon.” Mayor Jao said.

He even committed to quit smoking and instead allot the money he spent as a donation to Tzu Chi because he knew it will be a huge help to ease the pain for those in need. He also expressed and eager to joined Tzu Chi Foundation because he loves and admire its advocacy. Great contentment comes from sharing with others indeed.

The beneficiaries who were given assistance also shared their deepest gratitude to Tzu Chi Foundation. One of those is Filomeno Apari, who lives in Matabao, Tubigon. He expressed his deepest gratitude to Tzu Chi Foundation for the boundless blessing they acknowledged.

“I am very grateful that I am now member of Tzu Chi Foundation because they have given us great help. I can save every day, for me to give back to Tzu Chi foundation the goodness they extend to people.” Apari stated.

It is indeed, that the best way to multiply happiness is to share it with others.

Salome Tagyam, a volunteer from Sagbayan shared her thankfulness and appreciation to Tzu Chi Foundation.

“I am happy that until now I am part of Tzu Chi Foundation. I want to share my talent and treasure even in small amount. I am always ready to volunteer because Tzu Chi Foundation holds a special place in my heart. Even typhoon Odette also struck us, I still continue to volunteer because I learned a lot of good things in this Foundation.” Maam Salome said.

Melinda Estorba, beneficiary of cash assistance in Ondol, Inabangga expressed how Tzu Chi touches and inspires their lives.

“I am thankful to Tzu Chi foundation because they help us a lot in rebuilding our houses and turns into a home. I am grateful to Tzu Chi Foundation because without them, we don’t know where to start again. At last Tzu Chi came along and gives us hope and confidence. I wish that they can help more people in need.” Estorba thankfully uttered.

All participants received “Angpao” which symbolizes continual blessings to their lives and a reminder to always spread the seeds of love and follow the Dharma in walking the Bodhisattva path.

Brother Michael Siao shared his message of motivation and encouragement to participants to be a volunteer of Tzu Chi Foundation. They were enthused to be a member of the organization and contribute for the goodness of humanity.

For the upcoming years, Brother James Chua hoped that the number of volunteers in Bohol will grow and Boholanos will ignite their burning passion to be a volunteer and spread humanity together. This made everyone in the event committed of being a volunteer one day.

People are very hopeful that there will be more blessings and no sufferings in the years to come. The Chinese New Year Celebration became a way for everyone to be reminded of Master Cheng Yen hopes that through her blessing, they will be inspired to nurture a harmonious relationship with one another, and encouraged to create blessings together.