It was a fifth time community donation drive in Tubigon and Inabanga on July 30 – 31, 2022.

Brother Jimmy Chua, a Tzu Chi volunteer from Manila who visited Bohol, helped and accompanied the local volunteers in the house-to-house retrieval of the coin bank. In spite of the blazing day with a sudden short rain, he endured quite long walk and participated in the activity.

He said in an interview, “This is my first time to join the activity of Bohol. I see what is happening here. I am impressed what the volunteers are doing here especially in the donation drive activity. It’s a very difficult situation. It’s hot and high tide. The pathways are watery. But still, they are doing what they have to do. All are happy that donors welcome them. The donors are happy also every time they see our volunteers. I can see that the donation drive is successful. I hope that our volunteers will increase and through the guidance of Brother Michael, Bro. Joven, Bro. James, and Bro. Joseph, their teachings, we come up with volunteers who are great, very compassionate and kind here in Bohol.”

Many volunteers, young and old, participated and grateful to be part of the worthwhile event. There were a total of 127 local volunteers joined in the donation drive.

Norma Cosadio, a 65 –year old housewife and regular donor from Tinangnan, Tubigon shared her insight of saving into the coin bank, “If I buy in a store and there’s a change like coins, I surely put them into the can because the works of Tzu Chi are good and they help the needy. They are not demanding for an amount to give, it is just voluntarily from ourselves and they accepted what we can do or what we can give.”

After having a vegetarian lunch, a short program was conducted in the afternoon to nurture the seeds of love among the volunteers. Brother Michael shared some teachings and spread words of Master Cheng Yen through his talk about being in service to humanity especially the deprived ones. The volunteers also shared their life stories and experiences as Tzu Chi volunteers. They also watch an inspiring video of a Story told by Master Cheng Yen which is about the joy of helping others that one can always remember.

One volunteer named Liezel Sasutil, who were part of Tzu Chi family for eight years, was accompanied by her 12 –year old daughter in the event. Her daughter, Kristal Sasutil, was encouraged to become a volunteer also as she preferred to be at help instead of staying in the house with nothing to do but scrolling on cellphone.

“I’m Liezel Sasutil from Sagbayan, a volunteer of Tzu Chi for eight years. I am dedicated toward the foundation because we help many people. We may not pluck from our own pocket but through our strength and efforts, we can give joy to others. I want to pass that teaching and values to my child so time comes that she will learn to face people and empathize them, and feel the happiness of helping others,” said Liezel.

Her daughter also introduced herself, “I am Kristell Mary, 12 years old. I want to go with my mother oftentimes in this event because instead of being hooked up with cell phone and nothing else to do at home, I rather go with her so I can help others and I will not be ashamed to interact with people. Thank you.”

Another volunteer, Regine Mae Escabusa, an elementary teacher in Inabanga, presented 13 individuals in their community whom after knowing and understanding the works and mission of Tzu Chi were inspired to become volunteers.

Indeed, the donation drive is beyond collecting an amount from the generous donors but it stimulates the sewn seeds of love to sprout within the hearts of the volunteers and donors. It brings out the goodness in everyone, as well as it inspires others to let kind thoughts shelter in their mind and hearts so they can put them into actions generating good deeds.