“Only by working together with united hearts will we have great strength,” a Jing Si Aphorism by Dharma Master Cheng Yen.

With the aims to stimulate goodness, cultivate the seeds of love, and foster leadership and unity within the Tzu Chi youth, towards compassionate service to the community, the Tzu Chi Bohol Operations Office held a youth camp titled “2nd Bohol Tzu Chi Youth Still Thought Life Camp 2022 with the theme Tzu Chi Youth in the Path of Compassion & Wisdom, Gather Together to Inspire the Root of Wisdom”

117 Bohol Tzu Chi youth campers intermingled and united during a two–day event on August 27 and 28, 2022 at Carmelite Sisters of Sta. Teresa of Avila Retreat in Tontonan, Loon, Bohol.

The event was also facilitated and participated by 20 volunteers (blue uniformed), 56 volunteers (gray uniformed), and 57 youth personnel (Bohol and Ormoc).

All the participants and volunteers welcome by our very own Ivy Melendrez the Youth Camp Head,

“On behalf of my team I wholeheartedly welcome you all to our 2nd Bohol Tzu Chi Youth Still Though Life Camp 2022, I hope you enjoy our 2 days and 1-night event which is Passing the Torch and Bequeathing the Tzu Ching Legacy, and hopefully before this camps end you will Igniting our Humanistic Faith” Ivy Melendrez Camp Head.

Indeed, truly beneficial teachings beautify life and inspire wisdom according to a Jing Si Aphorism by Dharma Master Cheng Yen. The campers had collected and obtained a lot of teachings and great lessons that they can integrate into their real lives.

Some Tzu Chi volunteers had taken their part as speakers during the event.

In an interview Bro. Joven Uy was grateful since Tzu Chi Bohol once again had held a Youth Camp since the pandemic started.

“We would like to thank the organizers, the volunteers, the staff, the Tzu Ching, all of those who supported this youth camp. This will be a big boost for our youth to prepare for their future and hopefully will learn something out of the camp. Thank you for all what you have done to help our youth face the future.” Bro. Joven happily welcomes all

Bro. James Chua shared about the founding of Tzu Chi Bohol with his allotted topic on Tzu Chi Affinity in Bohol.

Bro. Jack Gaisano talked about inspiring great love in every encounter “Cultivating Great Love Within”

Sister Rita Tan, a volunteer from Manila, discoursed the Tzu Chi Etiquette. She briefly shared about the logo, noble manner, and being punctual. She also accentuated cherishing blessings through finishing food in a bowl. At the end of her sharing, she taught them the lunch offering prayer.

In the afternoon, the campers had warm-up activities which was also an ice breaker. During that, the campers are all energetic and warmed up. Happy acquaintances were happened after, getting to know each other in the camp with the use of bond paper that secure in each camper’s back, and writing down what they want to say to that person or campers and deeper level to know each other.

Joseph Co shared about “Witnessing Suffering to know our Blessing”.

Sister Caroline Uy expounded on “Master of Love and Mercy”.

Throughout the activity, campers enjoyed and actively participated in the field games such as an amazing race. Teamwork in every group slogs in that activity to make them as one. A good job will have done by every group.

Michael Siao explained Master Tells a Story “A Cup of Soy Milk” video, where everybody reflected on the lesson after discerning the story of a boy that came from an impoverished family who study hard and work hard for his family to repay his parent’s hard work, especially to his father that died earlier, and become a successful doctor.

Parents are certainly witnessing their children grow on the right path and achieve success while the children are serving their parents as they are aging. Bro. Rey inadvertently made the campers cry during his part in the lesson on Filial Piety titled “Most Beautiful Smile.”

One of the campers Rhiza Kate Real emotionally shared her life experienced.

I hope my mom will end her vises, my siblings and I didn’t even know what we gonna do to stop her. We fully express our love to her; we don’t even know what we have done wrong. If I have one wish to have it would be for my parents, I hope that they will make good changes in their life including their vises because this is not just for them but this is for our family” she stated.

The night ended with a “Starry starry night” in which everyone shared as well as expressed about their life, family, and experiences within the group. Intention begets blessings, Vows beget Strength.

Day 2 of the Camp,

Campers, Group Mama/Papa, and all the personnel participated in the morning exercise led by Mark Vence Villame. Everyone participated and joined with an energetic move.

Sis Jacquelyn Ong dug into the topic “Environmental Protection” and emphasized humans as gardeners of the earth.

Sis Caroline Uy discussed a great lesson on the food we eat when she talked about “vegetarianism”.

Together with Bro. Ericson, Crisline Mendez, and Sis Evangeline Hollero led the DIY (Do It Yourself) Food Preparation workshop. Groups must have a creative dish to present at the end.

Group’s ability to invent and develop original ideas coming to the group. The most creative group was awarded to Group 13, which makes their dish more creative and delicious.

Crizelda Dinglasa one of the campers enjoyed the 2-day camp and shared her experienced during the activity.

So as Tzu Chi Scholars it is my first time to join Tzu Chi Youth Camp holding its second year to spread the seeds of love and of course to instill the hearts of the scholars and youths, the learnings and missions that the Tzu Chi Foundation is trying to spread. During my experience here in camping, I have learned that it is important for everyone to get to know each other and lend an ear to co-campers as well as to join every activity that involves your team. So it is important to you to have unity and cooperation and of course teamwork, in order for your team to be successful, so I am thankful and blessed to be part of this camp and I am hoping for the next camp to be more enjoying and more relevant as always, Thank you” Crizelda stated.

Michael Siao integrated life’ lessons in his discussion about “Life’s Value”, living a message

“The most precious possession is life, and the worst torment is an illness. Ridding the world of suffering begins with ridding people of illness, and a blessed life is one filled with love”.

In the long run, a gratitude message was given by the Camp Secretariat Raycele Delusa, she spiritually gave thanks to all who help to make the activity successfully fun, and memorable for everyone.

Beautiful memories shared during the 2day camp were shown through video, happy faces, crying times, enjoyable moments, and memorable experiences witnessed by everyone.

Campers also guided by their group mother, they were assisted by their leader and group mother. A volunteer from Inabanga Regine Mae Escabusa was one of the group mothers.

“So, this is my first time here to join Tzu Chi Youth Camp, aside as a group mother at first, I was shocked because my members are all boys, and personally speaking, I’m scared because I thought I cannot do my job as a group mother but then again, I prove myself that I was wrong. I judge them but it’s not good, I had a lot of experiences them and they treat me like a princess as their older sister and their mother. All in all, this Tzu Chi youth camp is a helpful not only to the youth campers but also to me, this helps me molding myself personally and professionally, to all the campers’ congratulations and thank you Tzu Chi for allowing me to join this camp” Regine stated in an interview.

Lastly giving of souvenirs, together with the closing remarks recognizing all the personnel staff brothers and sisters from Bohol, Manila, Cebu, and Ormoc.

The activity ends with a beautiful memory that brings joy to everyone before going home.


“Our words and actions constantly shape our affinities with others. Good words create understanding and open people’s hearts. Unkind words create vexation”. By Dharma Master Cheng Yen