Tzu Chi Foundation – Bohol had its scholarship awarding ceremony, awarding recognition to the Graduates and the recognition of the Latin Honor Graduates on the 29th day of August 2022 at Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium. During the activity, it was observed and follow the physical distancing and the protocols for the new normal. The activity was held in the afternoon and was witnessed and presented by the 4 commissioners of Bohol Bro. Joven Uy, Bro. Joseph Co, Bro. James Chua, Bro. Jack Gaisano, together with the Volunteers from Bohol, Cebu, and Manila.

Niña Palban and Arlene Pelayo, the Educational Assistance Program in-charge assistant explain the reason for conducting the program.

Together with Bro. Joven Uy has given his welcome message to all the volunteers, scholars, and parents who attended the ceremony,

“I welcome you all, to today’s activity the awarding of certificates to the scholars and recognition of the Graduates together with the Latin Honor Graduates.”

In an interview Bro. Jack Gaisano gave an inspirational message to the scholars and presentation of scholars and also gave his words of gratitude, and inspirational message to everyone.

Everything is just like a paradox if it’s good or bad, sometimes success is a failure, failure is a success. It is just like night and day, are you happy at night or are you happy during the day? It all depends on the point of view, a lot of people are crying, crying of happiness or crying of sadness. So, everything in life is just like a paradox, in how you make it, how you feel it, and how you interpret the cards dealt to your life. If it is good, it’s a blessing, if it is bad, it’s learning it’s a lesson. Don’t look down on the people that you think are failures sometimes it is not a failure but it is just up and down just like the night and day of your life. Everything to the extreme you will understand” Bro. Jack stated.

The awarding of scholarships was done and given per school. Uncle Joven Uy, together with the volunteers handed the certificate to the scholarship recipients. Existing scholars were truly grateful that once more, they are still given the privilege to continue their studies with the help of the Tzu Chi Foundation. No words from new scholars can express how happy they were as they hold and received the certificate of scholarship.

Andrian Cadienti, and Josh Houlein Pamonag both are Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering the two newly selected scholar rendered their gratitude speech for being one of the chosen scholars in Bohol. They were truly grateful and blessed to have Tzu Chi Foundation in their lives, for with its help soon they will finish the race, and they may be able to pursue their dreams in life.

Adrian Cadienti, was born in Magalang, Pampanga as the third of four siblings he helps his family in the way of being excellent in school. By the reason of his family lived an average type of life, he didn’t make himself self-feel down. But he strives hard in his school and got Latin honors during his Senior High. Indeed, his family was proud of him.

“Today I am so grateful because we were now awarded as a new scholar of Tzu Chi Foundation, I am so thankful because through your help I can now make my college life easier. I truly grateful for the support and unconditional love that the foundation gave us and I hope this support and learning that the foundation gave us will be shared to others. So, to the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation Master Cheng Yen, I am giving to you my appreciation and thanks to you” said Cadienti.

A representative from the Governor’s Office of Gov. Aris Aumentado, Atty. Jun Amora gave an inspirational message to the new, existing, and graduate scholars.

Witnessed and presented by the 4 commissioners of Bohol Bro. Joven Uy, Bro. Joseph Co, Bro. James Chua, Bro. Jack Gaisano, together with the Volunteers from Bohol, Cebu, and Manila. 62 graduates and with 20 High Latin Honors were presented on the stage to acknowledge and awarded by the volunteers.

After awarding and recognizing the graduates, the selected graduates and Ormoc Youth perform a sign language to the audience together with a gratitude message of the two graduates with high Latin honors Angelito Macayan and Rina Soterol.

Angelito Macayan Bachelor Secondary Education major in Social Studies is the only Suma Cumm Laude of batch 2022 graduates. He meets Tzu Chi Foundation last 6 years ago since there was one of the beneficiaries of the Pre-Fab Classroom given last 2013 when an earthquake hit the province of Bohol. Macayan was one of the blessed and selected beneficiaries referred by their schools showing their family situation, his father is a PWD or has a left-hand amputee, both of his parents are unemployed and he didn’t feel that they were lacking. He still striving for his dreams and goals for his family.

“I am Angelito Macayan a proud graduate of Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol. I am very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation for my dreaming companion through out my college journey. I am thankful for all the lesson and etiquette you’ve taught me, that I can use in real life and I am thankful that Tzu Chi was there during my sowing season and I ma always thankful that they are always there for me and now I am slowly reaping all the results of my hard works. It is right to thank and show my gratitude to Tzu Chi Foundation for being my number one supporter. I awe it all to Tzu Chi Foundation and I am nothing without Tzu Chi. Gan en Tzu Chi Foundation, Gan en Dharma Master Cheng Yen” Angelito Stated.

In the closing part, Bro. James Chua gives a congratulatory message to all the scholars. For the scholar year 2022-2023, a total of 300 scholars were given scholarship assistance from the Tzu Chi Foundation. Of these 153 were new scholars and 147 were existing scholars. This educational assistance provided by Tzu Chi Foundation gave hope and joy to those who wanted to finish their goals and it’s financially challenged. Together with the help of everyone we can spread the seeds of love in sharing goodness with others.

As Dharma Master Cheng Yen said, “Those who cherished blessings will create blessings are truly spiritually wealthy.” Not just to give them academic excellence but to improve their life character by following Dharma’s Master Cheng Yen’s path.