“True giving is giving with gratitude while asking for nothing in return.” Jing Si-Aphorism by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

For the last weekend of February on 25th and 26th day, Volunteers from Bohol conducted the Donation Fund Drive in each community of the Municipality of Tubigon and Inabanga. The Fundraising Campaign will benefit the Earthquake Victims of Turkey and Syria.

No one has ever become poor from giving. In the community of Tubigon, one Donor Margie Estellore from Matabao, Tubigon, Bohol uttered

“I wholeheartedly gave donations, because Tzu Chi Foundation helps us last when we are victims of Typhoon Odette and we have benefited from the blessings they lend to us. I donated to the Earthquake Victims of Turkey and Syria since it is not easy to be in that situation.”

The support through donations offered by the good Samaritans of Bohol was a great help to the victims, and each peso they lend in the donation box counts as big help.

Helen Urang from Lawis, Inabanga, Bohol, donated an amount of P600

“To be able to help the Earthquake Victims of Turkey and Syria, I gave an amount to help them and to help ease their suffering. As a regular donor, this amount of P600-P700 will aid those suffering.”

Luzviminda Libre from Pk6 rowena village, Lawis, Inabanga Bohol,

“We donated to help the Victims in Turkey and Syria. My family was very thankful since we got help from this Foundation, Tzu Chi when Typhoon Odette hit our area last December 2021. And today, we’re very grateful for this chance to help others and give aid to anyone. Thank you, Tzu Chi Foundation.”

Indeed, alone we can do so little, but united together we can do more. Over All Fund Total of P38, 650. 00. Big thanks and appreciation to all the volunteers from Bohol who supported the activity Donation Fund Drive.