On the island of Bohol, there stood a retreat house known as the Carmelite Sister of Sta. Teresa of Avila in Tontonan Loon, Bohol.ย  This sacred place provided solace and spiritual guidance to those seeking peace in their lives. The Carmelite Sister of Sta. Teresa of Avila retreat house had always been a sanctuary for contemplation and reflection.

However, it lacked modern amenities, making it challenging for the sisters to stay connected and fulfill their educational resources to the students who came seeking knowledge.

The Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol approached ASUS, a famous technology company. Impressed by the dedication and devotion of the Carmelite sisters, Asus readily agreed to donate a computer set, equipped with the latest technology to the Carmelite Learning Center.

June 3, 2023, marked a momentous day of the Carmelite Sister of Sta. Teresa of Avila in Tontonan, Loon. As a group of volunteers and scholars from the Tzu Chi Bohol arrived at the Carmelite, bearing the precious gift from ASUS.

Carmelite Sisters and Faculty Staff prepare a short program on the Turnover of the computer set. The presentation of Carmelite students brightens the stage with their captivating dance performance.

It was followed by Bro Joven Uy message to ASUS country manager George Su and to Carmelite Learning Center.

โ€œWe hope that this assistance and our benefactor ASUS Philippines, through its country manager Bro. George Su, we will be going towards assisting the school in the computer age. Bro. George, thank you and we hope that these computers will help our children face a better future and that Tzu Chi will not only assist in the hardware but also in teaching our children in the future. This will be the collaboration to help the school attain its objective of having the grades with the background already of the computer. Letโ€™s hope that these computers will be used for the benefit of all the children in Schoolโ€

The Carmelite Sisters and Faculty Staff were deeply moved by the generosity of the ASUS company and Tzu Chi Bohol, as they recognized the impact this gift would have on their mission. With the computer set, students of the Carmelite would now be able to share their spiritual teachings and expand their knowledge and this would become a haven for learning for the students.

Sister Josephine of Carmelite Sisters of Sta. Teresa Avila, the School Directress of the Carmelite Learning Center, expresses her deep appreciation for the generosity and kindness shown by ASUS company and the Tzu Chi Bohol. She emphasized the invaluable impact this donation would have on the students who sought education and knowledge within the Learning Center.

โ€œOn behalf of our community and behalf of our school, Iโ€™m thanking wholeheartedly for this given set of computers for our students and for our computer laboratory through the help of the Tzu Chi Foundation they assisted us to have this computer, thank you so much, Bro. George Su for giving us these units, this is very helpful to our students, I donโ€™t have any words to utter Iโ€™m so happy and very glad on these blessings.โ€

The computer set, donated by ASUS and delivered by the selfless volunteers of the Tzu Chi Bohol, remained a constant reminder of the generosity and compassion that could bring about positive change. And so, the computer set became an integral part of the Carmelite Learning Center, shaping the lives of countless students and continuing a legacy of enlightenment and compassion for ge

nerations to come.