In the small community of Kabasacan, Sagabayan, Bohol, a team of compassionate individuals gathered for a noble cause. Before the day of the Dental Mission arrived June 06, 2023, the makeshift clinic was set up in the heart of Kabasacan, Sagbayan Covered Court. The team’s primary goal was to cater to the dental needs of all the individuals who had come seeking assistance. The volunteers both staff and local from the Tzu Chi Foundation worked diligently to ensure a smooth flow of patients, assisting with registration and providing comfort to those awaiting treatment.

It was June 07, 2023, and the community was abuzz with anticipation as they prepared for a dental mission that would bring much-needed oral healthcare to their doorsteps. Leading the mission with a dedicated dentist and a TIMA doctor, Dr. Raymund Lim, accompanied by his professional colleague Dr. May Lim and dental aid Clemelita R. Alaba, had been instrumental in organizing the event and ensuring its success. They were joined by a group of dental professionals from different organizations, including the PHO (Provincial Health Office) and the DepEd (Department of Education), all united by their commitment to improving oral health.

The PHO team, led by Dr. Ranillo B. Gallego, consisted of 2 dentists and 3 dental aids who were eager to contribute their expertise. The DepEd team, headed by Dr. Vina V. Akip, brought 3 dentist and 4 dental aids, all passionate about making a difference in the lives of the community members.

The dental mission was made possible through the efforts of the Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol, led by Bro. Joven T. Uy and assisted by Sis. Emily Lacsado, the dedicated dental in-charge. Alongside with them were 11 committed volunteers, 8 local volunteers from Sagbayan, Bohol, and 3 Tzu Chi Scholars of Bohol were all working together with a shared purpose.

The people of Barangay Kabasacan, Sagbayan, welcomed the team with open arms, expressing their deep gratitude for the support that Tzu Chi Foundation had provided to their community. The Dental Mission held great significance for the people of Kabasacan, as they recognized the importance of good oral health but had limited access to dental services.

A parent Shella Robin is being thankful to the Dentist and to Tzu Chi Foundation for her son gets the oral health care he needs, and uttered

“I’m Shella Robin, I am the parent of Aidrey Nathaniel G. Robin, who is 7 years old and currently a grade 1 pupil, I’m grateful for the mission that happened today because my son has a dental problem, and my friend told me that there is a dental mission being conducted near in our place. So, we came here to asked and grabbed this opportunity. We are very thankful to Tzu Chi Foundation because they organized a Dental Mission.”  

With a total number of 108 individuals, including both children and adults, in need of dental care, the dental professionals divided their efforts between dental cleaning and extractions. A staggering 55 individuals received through cleanings, removing plaque and restoring the brightness of their smiles. Additionally, the team conducted 53 extractions, relieving patients from painful dental conditions and preventing further complications.

Another grade 2 pupil was grateful for the oral care he received and said,

“I am Bejay p. Antecristo, a grade 2 pupil of Kabasacan Elementary School. Thank you, Tzu Chi, for cleaning my teeth.

Throughout the day, the community members expressed their gratitude, their smiles beaming with newfound hope. Children giggled as they showed off their clean teeth, while adults felt relief from the pain that had troubled them for far too long. The dental mission brought not only oral health care but also a renewed sense of confidence and well-being to the people of Kabasacan.

As the sun began to set, the dental mission concluded with a closing ceremony by giving of Certificate of Appreciation to the Dentists and Dental Aids. The Barangay Captain, Mr. Christopher M. Andales, took the opportunity to express his heartfelt appreciation to the entire team for their selfless service. He acknowledged the impact they had made on the lives of his community members, assuring them that their efforts would never be forgotten.

Barangay Captain Mr. Christopher M. Andales gratefully said,

“I am Christopher Andales, the Barangay Captain of Kabasacan. Today, we are sincerely grateful to the visitors especially to the Tzu Chi Foundation, for providing a dental Mission to our children, who are given priority by Tzu Chi. In our barangay, Dentist rarely come due to a shortage of dental professionals. On behalf of the people of Kabasacan, we are truly grateful, with all our hearts, to the Tzu Chi Foundation and to Sir Joven for bringing the Dental Mission to our barangay. It greatly helps our children, especially those facing financial difficulties.”

With tears of joy and deep gratitude, the people of Kabasacan bid farewell to the dental team. The volunteers and dental professionals left with a profound sense of fulfilment knowing they had made a tangible difference in the lives of those they served. It was a testament to the power of unity, compassion, and the unwavering dedication of individuals who come together to bring smiles, hope, and a brighter future to communities in need.

One of the Head Dentist of DepEd Dr. Vina V. Akip give her gratitude message to everyone who participated in the Mission,

“I am Dr. Vina Akip, the DepEd dentist in charge of the Division of Bohol. DepEd and Tzu Chi Foundation are partners in signing the MOA, and Tzu Chi has been a great help, especially to the children who benefited from this mission. Through this dental mission, we can also assist children who cannot visit dentists regularly. I am grateful for this dental mission that reached the children, and I hope that this mission will continue. I am thankful to Tzu Chi for helping many children, and we are also grateful for the opportunity to serve them.”