Tzu Chi’s missions

The services under the Mission of Charity are classified as Long Term Aid or Immediate Assistance. One of its application is the conduct of Case Visits to both patients and scholars, which was carried out to cultivate blessings and awareness to the volunteers. By visiting the beneficiaries in their house, Tzu Chi volunteers develop wisdom through their exposure to the different sufferings in life and is cultivating blessing by material assistance and emotional comfort when they are most needed. Also, Rice Distribution, Relief Operation and Orphanage Visits were done to inspire others to give help and be a channel of blessing.
Master Cheng Yen believes that illness is the root of poverty. Thus, Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol vows to eradicate poverty through free Medical Missions and assistance to cure different medical cases. One of its highlight is the Eye Mission which gives happiness to the Boholanos out of gaining their clear visions to do what needs to be done without any difficulty. Dental Mission was also conducted to the public students in order to gain a healthy smile. Some indigenous patients were sent to Taiwan Tzu Chi hospital in order to conduct free surgery if needed. In total, throughout the years, thousands of Boholanos were given help in this mission.

This is a manifestation of people helping and caring for one another, promoting the philosophy of respecting life and affirming humanity, which is also the core value of a human being. In this mission, Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol goes places to places to inspire the Boholanos to be a volunteer and be a channel of love to those who are in need. Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol scholars were also taught about the teachings of Master Cheng Yen, and how to apply these teachings in their lives even in their youthful age. This mission aims to inspire people through the teachings of Master Cheng Yen and apply these in real life.

“The hope of the society lies in its talented human resources; while the hope of these talents comes from education.” Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol aims to develop students to respect life and affirm humanity with kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. Thus, Tzu Chi Foundation Bohol accepts scholars from indigenous families and help them to reach their goals and dreams in life. This mission does not limit a Boholano in academe, but goes beyond one’s age, profession and status in life, as the Bohol scholars participate in Tzu Chi’s four mission and apply the teachings of Dharma Master Cheng Yen in real life. Donation of Books both academic and reading books were done to the different public schools in Bohol.

What We Do


  • Rice Distribution
  • Case Visits to both patients and scholars
  • Orphanage Visits
  • Relief Operations
  • Housing Assistance


  • Eye Mission
  • General Medical Mission
  • Dental Mission
  • Surgical Mission
  • Special Cases
  • Acceptance of Medical Cases


  • Scholarship Application Assistance
  • Awarding of New Scholars
  • Humanity Class
  • Recognition to the Graduates
  • Donation of Academic and Reading Books
  • Classroom of Love Project

Humanistic Cuture

  • Volunteer Training
  • Youth Camp for the Scholars
  • Scholar’s Sharing for the Teaching of Master Cheng Yen
  • Year-end Blessing
  • Buddha Day


  • Vegetable Distribution
  • Free Vegetarian Meals in Gallares

Impact to Society

Short Term Care
Charity Beneficiary
Long Term Care
Charity Beneficiary
Housing Renovation
Tzu Great Love Village
Medical Mission
Dental Mission
Eye Mission
Educational Assistance Program
Number of Volunteers